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Portable Juicer Water Bottle

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Kindly Remind: Please read the instructions carefully before use, especially the precautions for operation. Make sure the lid is closed before starting up. Be sure to cut off the power and operate carefully when handling the blade.
Capacity: 500ml-1000ml (Juicer Mode: 500ml, Water bottle mode: 1000ml)
Size: 4.6*4.6*9.8in (118*118*250mm)
Material: Tritan+ABS
Full charging time: about 3.5H
Rotating speed: 18500rpm
Battery capacity: 1500mAh*2pcs
Weight: 680g
Power: 70W

1. Outdoor sports water bottle, double lid, 1 juicer cup lid + 1 drinking cup lid. It is both a juicer cup and a drinking water bottle.
2. 1000ml large-capacity design, no need for frequent water intake, specially designed for outdoor sports, convenient for you to replenish water and vitamin C in time during outdoor activities.
3. Easy to carry, safety lock, no water leakage. Built-in 1500mah battery*2, the full time is about 3.5 hours, 10 cups of juice can be squeezed after full, magnetic charging, supports a variety of charging methods such as AC adapter charging, car charging, power bank charging, etc.
4. Safety lock. When the lid is opened during the juicing process, it will automatically power off to prevent accidental injury and make it safer to use.


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